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Ampola Massimo

Massimo Ampola

Massimo Ampola guides the Laboratory of Social Research, Department of Political Science, University of Pisa. He has organized and chaired sessions (From the Theory to the Empirical level) to the Fifth International Conference on Logic and Methodology, Cologne, 2000, and to the Sixth International Conference on Logic and Methodology (The Nets between Neu ral Networks and Network Analysis: Fuzzy Logic Complexity and/or Network Analysis Social Theory), Amsterdam, 2004, and in Naples (2008). His area of research is divided mainly in three privileged subareas: the development of the logic of social research, with particular emphasis applied to social policies on the one hand and the methods of the social production of communication on the other. The most significant publications are: The study of social reality as a relational network: about the context, Amsterdam, 2004; A sustainable welfare system -tensions between Globality and locality in “Challenges for a global welfare system”, New York, 1999; with L.Corchia, Dialogue on Habermas, the transformations of modernity, Pisa, 2007.

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